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Catering and Special Events

The Meat Cellar staff and management are fully prepared to cater or even host your next special event. Whether it be providing and serving food at your venue, sectioning off part of our restaurant, or even providing a perfectly sized smaller venue for your engagement; we would love to discuss the details so please fill out the form below!


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Custom Menu Options

Our Meat Cellar trained chefs and staff have the means to provide a wide variety of meals using fresh and locally sourced food from our popular menu and beyond. 

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The Perfect Size

We understand that some parties are just too big for the home and renting out a larger space may not be what you need. Our private dining space provides for the perfect go between with a larger family style space to eat and celebrate comfortably, while being served by our professional staff. 

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How many guests, what type of food and drink arrangement, any other details or questions you have to start with.